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Comprehensive Property Management Services in Colorado

When the day to day management of your investment property gets in the way of enjoying the benefits of your investment, it’s time to consult with a property management company who can help you maximize your investment while allowing you to relax and reap the rewards of a smoothly operating investment property.

As a growing Colorado property management firm in Colorado since the year 2000, Real Living 1st Choice Real Estate Services has the resources and skills to help you increase your ROI far beyond your expectations. With a proven system that includes the zealous advertisement of vacant units and the fastidious maintenance of your property, our experienced team can help you make the most of your investment. Our comprehensive property management services include but are not limited to:



Advertising includes:

-Sign and lockbox
-Available property list updated and published daily
-Your property will be advertised on several free websites
-We keep a waiting list of prospective tenants.
-We advertise your property on a high activity website for a contracted fee of $40.00 per month, which get’s your property nationwide exposure.
-Advertisements can also be placed in local papers at your request. We will create your ad, monitor your account and coordinate payment to these advertisers.

Property is shown personally

Real Living 1st Choice Real Estate Services licensed agent accompanies the perspective residents

Professional screening service includes:
All applicants are carefully screened according to criteria set forth by the Fair Housing Act and Kroll Factual Data.

-Verification of current and past landlords
-Verification of current and past employers
-Salary verification
-Criminal background check (if necessary)
-Co-signer form in addition to security deposit for those unable to qualify financially


Each property is carefully inspected before a tenant moves in and digital photos are taken to document any existing damage. When the tenant moves out, we complete the same inspection, and document any issues with a written report and digital photos to reconcile the security deposit and protect the property owner against any complaints.

-Interior and exterior conditions
-General upkeep and improvements
-Tenant’s requests for upgrades and maintenance
-Our staff is on call and available 24 hours a day to handle any maintenance issues, repair requests, or emergencies
-When repairs and/or maintenance are needed, our staff will contact a professional to complete the job. We offer you the flexibility of using our licensed team, or your choice of service professionals.

Reconciliation of security deposit
Require residents to comply with all governmental laws, ordinances and regulations
Third party backup for utility companies to insure continual service
All utility balances that may have a lienable utility balance are paid out of the security deposit prior to reconciliation
Periodic exterior inspections
Residents are strongly advised to obtain renter’s insurance


Full-service property management accounting includes:

-Collection of rental proceeds are due on the first day of each month and considered late by end of business on the 5th of the month. We collect the rent for you and will mail you the rent, minus repairs and fees on the 10th of each month.
-Mortgage and homeowners association payments are paid upon request
-Pay utilities and bill residents if applicable
-Pay taxes and insurance upon request
-Monthly accounting statements mailed on the l0th day of each month
-Rental proceeds mailed to owner or deposited into owner’s local account on the l0th day of each month
-Cash flow statement showing monthly and year-to-date income and expenses
-Security deposits held by Real Living 1st Choice Real Estate Services to facilitate prompt reconciliation and return within Colorado Real Estate Commission guidelines

Our property management staff consists of two licensed Colorado Real Estate Brokers who are experienced property managers. This insures that your properties are being managed by a team of professionals!

Contact our experienced property managers today to learn how we can be of assistance to you.