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How to Rent the House You Love

How to Rent the House You Love

You have found the perfect house to rent and are ready to go through the tedious process of qualifying for the property and proving you’re a good renter. What can you do in advance to be prepared for this process?

– Have all the phone numbers handy for your employer’s employment verification.

– Have all the phone numbers with you for your past two rental references. If it is a private party, let them know that someone will be calling and ask them to please call back with the information as soon as possible.

– If you know there are issues with your credit history, get those cleared up before applying. Is it worth losing out on a house you would love to live in over a $37.00 collection charge? Or worse yet, is there a mistake on your credit that you haven’t gotten around to correcting? Get this done and include the documentation with your application.

– If you know you might not qualify, arrange to have someone in your family or a close friend to stand by as your co-signer. It’s so much easier to set this up when you’re not in the middle of the heat of trying to get an application in during a hot rental market.

– Get all of your paperwork in at once and as quickly as possible. We operate on a first come, first served basis, so if you walk in the office two hours after the showing the property may already have an application.
Finding a nice rental to live in for the next year is always a challenge. Not all landlords take care of their properties, so some are not nice enough to live in. Right now, it’s a very tight rental market so units go quickly, usually to the renter who is organized and ready to go. Increase your chances of making this happen by being ready for what is expected.

Posted by: 1stchoicerealestateservices on March 27, 2015
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