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Things You Shouldn’t Do To Rentals in Northern Colorado

When it comes to our rentals in Northern Colorado, we make every effort to have your rental ready for you when you move in. This includes shampooing the carpet, completing an initial cleaning if necessary, changing the locks so the old tenants can’t gain access, repairing dripping faucets, replacing torn window screens, touching up paint and general repairs. In return, we ask that you treat your rental like your home and take care of it. If something breaks, call us. Don’t put up with it for weeks and then complain when you pay your rent. We want everything to be in working order for you. Just realize that the repair may take a few days as emergencies, like no heat, come first.

Some other things not to do…

Paint the basement walls with fluorescent graffiti for a birthday party
Decorate with piles of spray foam insulation
Use hundreds of staples to put up posters and take down the posters but leave the staples behind.
This is very costly to clean up. Imagine the poor guy who has to pull all those!
Write on the ceilings with fluorescent markers.
Put your own tile squares on the floor in an odd pattern with large gaps in between each tile
Put self-sticking shelving paper on your kitchen counter tops because you don’t like the color.

Go to this link for some decorating ideas that won’t cost you your security deposit –

Please remember that everyone has different styles and tastes. We try to keep our rentals very neutral so you can add your own personal touches. A hot pink wall in the bedroom will not appeal to everyone and it is very expensive to cover up. Yes, this is your home for now and you need to put your stamp on your home. However, think about the person who moves in behind you. They have their own likes and desires and may not appreciate the gift you left them.

Oh by the way, if you know of anyone who is interest in hiring a property manager or in purchasing a property to use as a rental in Northern Colorado, we have the systems and the expertise to help them. We work in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, so please call us for your property management needs.

Posted by: 1stchoicerealestateservices on March 13, 2015
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